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Dark Salvation - The Purple Dimension

Been awhile since I posted any Dark Salvation material.  Here is a dimension my players never actually arrived at, but it is fun in it's obscurity.  I'm particular proud of the Slaves of Aggamon; dangerous via being pitiful.  For reference, here is the initial post on Dark Salvation.  This explains the Techno-Demonic Virus (TDV).  Dark Salvation related posts can be found through the Dark Salvation label.

The Purple Dimension

Ruled by the demon Aggamon, the Purple Dimension has "immense purplish mountain ranges [that] jut majestically from vast plum-colored plains" and "surreal geological formations". [1]  It is also the source of Purple Gems, immensely powerful sources of magical energy coveted by many powerful beings.
The Purple Dimension is only vaguely purple, and not a vacation spot.

Distinctions: Twisted and Tunnelled, Barren, Shadowy
Border: D12 
Gateway: Through a Purple Gem

Hooks pointing towards the Purple Dimension

  • The heroes need a power source capable of powering a cure for the TDV.  A purple gem will fill the bill.
  • Aggamon's business demons contact the heroes with a deal of some sort, to protect him from the TDV. 
  • The heroes find a purple gem infected with the TDV, and it exhibits strange properties.  Aggamon is the expert in such things.

Action in the Purple Dimension

  • The heroes arrive and see the typical slave driving behaviour that goes on there all the time.  Will they take steps to protect the slaves.
  • Aggamon's Demolisher Beam really is immensely powerful, and he really can't resist trying it out on anyone who shows up, just for fun.
  • The slaves are being infected with the TDV, and therefore are revolting against Aggamon.  A cure may return them to enslavement.

Hooks out of the Purple Dimension

  • The heroes get their Purple Gem, but they'll need something to channel the power.  Maybe some Uru metal?
  • Aggamon makes a deal with the heroes, and sends them through secret inter-dimensional tunnels to the dimension the TDV seems to be coming from.  Perhaps Sominus?  Niffleheim?


Affiliations: Large Scale 3D8
Distinctions: Infernal Businessman, Greedy, Haughty
Power Set: Lord of the Purple Dimension Demolisher Beam D12, Superhuman Stamina D10, Sorcery Mastery D10, Enhanced Strength D8, Enhanced Senses D8, Enhanced Durability D8, Psychic Resistance D8, Mystic Resistance D8
  • SFX: Area Attack.  Add a D6 for each extra target and keep one extra effect die for each extra target.
  • SFX: Adaptable. You may add more than one power from Lord of the Purple Dimension to a roll.  Step back each die for every die beyond the first added.
  • SFX: “None can withstand the Demolisher Beam!”.  Activate an Opportunity generated in a reaction against an action that includes Demolisher Beam.  Opponent takes physical stress equal to the die that caused the Opportunity.  
  • Limit: The Extend to Sorcery.  When you add Sorcery Mastery to any action pool, you may only create assets or complications as your effect, unless the pool also contains Demolisher Beam.
Specialities: Menace Master D10, Business Master D10, Mystic Master D10, Psych Expert D8

Slaves of Aggamon
Affiliations: Mob 5D6
Distinctions: Pitiful, No Other Choice
Power Set: Desperation and Despair 
Improvised Weaponry D6, Wailing and Moaning D8, Get in the Way D8
  • SFX: Gruesome Conditions.  When using Wailing and Moaning to do emotional stress, add a D6 and step up the Effect die.  
  • SFX: Area Attack.  Add a D6 for each extra target and keep one extra effect die for each extra target.
  • SFX: Slaves, not Free.  Whenever Slaves of Aggamon are dealt physical stress, afflicted by a complication that might cause pain or anguish, or dealt emotional or mental stress that magnify their suffering, the hero taking the action takes emotional stress equivalent to the effect die being dealth.
  • Limit: Brief Rebellion. Add a D6 or step up the lowest die in the Doom Pool to make any Desperation and Despair power a Complication for Aggamon.  Spend a die equal to the Complication to remove the Complication and recover the power.
Specialities: Psych Expert D8

Aggamon's Guards
Affiliations: Mob 4D8
Distinctions: Without Mercy, Afraid of Aggamon's Wrath
Power Set: Demonic Guards
Whips and Chains D8, Enhanced Durability D8, Enhanced Senses D8
  • SFX: Masters of Restraint.  When using Whips and Chains to create complications, add a D6 and step up the Effect die. 
  • SFX: Area Attack.  Add a D6 for each extra target and keep one extra effect die for each extra target.
Specialities: Menace Expert D8, Combat Expert D8

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